* Assemblies

Class assemblies are held every week where discussions take place on varied subjects ranging from bullying to friendship, importance of cleanliness, stress management etc. Students put up skits and presentations. Teachers share thoughts about class issues with the students and motivate them to do their best.


* Life Skills Education Programme

This is conducted by the Coordinator for CARE centre, once a year, from stds. 3 – 10. The class teachers of the Primary section too conduct a separate module once a year. The life skills education programme stresses on empowering students with information on various age-related issues to help them to adapt to their environment and to look after their physical and emotional well being. Personal safety is one topic that is covered from stds. 1 – 10


* Personal Safety Education Programme

Students of stds. 1 – 6 undergo the Personal Safety Education Programme. This has been designed by the NGO Arpan that works on the issue of Child Sexual Abuse. The objective of the programme is to empower children with the information and skills to prevent abuse and to report and seek help in the case of abuse.

Teachers are trained to conduct the sessions and handle student queries and concerns and parents too are empowered with information and are oriented to the programme before it is conducted with the students.


* Picnics, Camps and Tours  

Students look forward to the picnics, camps and tours with great enthusiasm. One day picnics are organized for stds. Nursery to 7. Overnight camps and tours are organized for students from std. 4 onwards. The students participate in many activities like map making, tre  asure hunts, river crossing, village visits, sight seeing etc. Tours are organized from std. 5 onwards going to places of interest within in the country. Teachers accompany the students and ensure complete student safety. Picnics, camps and tours provide an opportunity to enjoy unstructured time with one another and build relationships and also learn the values of co-existence and social living.


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* Field Trips 

Students in the Kindergarten and Primary sections are taken on field trips regularly. Secondary section teachers plan it depending on the concepts taught. Teachers accompany students on the field trips and ensure student safety. Discussions are held in the class after the visit. This helps to reinforce and expand on the concepts taught in the class and offers students another method to learn concepts.


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* Sports Coaching

All students of the school can opt to seek training in Judo, Karate and Gymnastics. Coaching for the School Band and for athletics, football, handball, and basketball is also offered for the secondary section students. The criteria and details for enrolment and training schedules are provided at the beginning of the academic year.


* External Exams in the secondary section

Students in the secondary section are encouraged to appear for external exams as it helps them to consolidate their concept learning and test their application skills and gauge their standard with the best outside the school. Teachers train them and motivate them to excel at these exams like Homi Bhabha Bal Vaidyanik Exam, International and National Olympiads in Science, Math, English and the Cyber Olympiad, Hindi and Marathi Public Exams, Scholarship Examination (std 7), etc.


* External Competitions in the secondary section

Students in the secondary section are encouraged to participate in external competitions (both in sports and in cultural area) conducted across the city by reputed organizations like British Council, Members of International Schools Association, Mumbai School Sports Association, Education Department, District Sports Organization, etc. Teachers help students in their preparation for the same.

External exams and external competitions help in enhancing the overall personality of the students and give them an idea about where they stand in comparison to their peer group.


* Interhouse Competitions in the Secondary section

The Student Council organizes the inter-house competitions among the four houses (Jagruti, Sanskriti, Vibhuti and Kshitij) for the secondary section students. These are mostly held on Saturdays. The objective is to develop a talent pool and generate team spirit among the four houses. Students enjoy a healthy competition to keep their house flag flying high.

* Career Guidance Programme for students of std. 9 and 10

This programme is offered to the students of std. 9 and 10 where their interest, aptitude and work values and / or personality is assessed. A report to map the student’s profile and potential career paths is generated for each student. Students and parents are individually counseled on the possible course of study and career options that can be considered based on the student’s report. This helps students and parents understand the importance of setting realistic goals, making judicious choices and identifying priorities.

 * Career Awareness Programme for students of std. 10

A Career Awareness Programme is organized for std. 10. Professionals from different fields are invited as panel members. They give information and address queries with regards to different aspects like (skills required, ethics, associated lifestyle, remuneration etc.) of the profession they belong to. Time is allotted for personal interaction with each panel member. The aim is to provide exposure to the world of work in future and and to information that can help them choose study courses and careers later in life.

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* Skylights and Athlein - Inter - Bombay Cambridge Gurukul (BCG) Competitions

Skylights and Athlein is an inter-BCG school competition conducted for the secondary section students. Arrays of competitions like quiz, music, dance, photography, elocution etc. are held for Skylights amongst the 5 BCG schools. Various track and field events and games in sports are held as a part of Athlein. Prizes are awarded to winners. It is an opportunity to provide a platform for students to display their skills and knowledge with a focus on thinking, conscientious action and problem solving and an opportunity for BCG schools to benchmark their student quality with each other. The aim is to create a feeling of belongingness and unity in the students of the Gurukul. All these events are looked forward to with great enthusiasm by the students.