Cambridge Secondary

Cambridge Secondary 1:

Cambridge Secondary 1is confined for learners aged between 11 and 14 years. It provides a flexible framework for students to develop their skills and facilitates in better understanding Mathematics, Science and English for the first 3 years of secondary education. It includes world class curriculum, good support for teachers and mandatory assessment.


Cambridge Secondary 1 provides exemplary preparation for Cambridge secondary 2 as well as other educational programmes. It is also designed to be ethnically sensitive. The curriculum is not only versatile and is designed to completely stretch students and enable them to confidently progress towards next level.

Integrated Learning Method:

The framework of Cambridge Secondary 1 is built to enhance the skills and knowledge of the middle school students and thereby enabling them to progress through the educational success with an integrated method of learning, assessment and teaching.

Benchmark For Students:

Cambridge Secondary 1 offers international benchmark for students to achieve in their educational career. This enables school to evaluate the students and provide structured and detailed reports about their students to the parents.

Checkpoint Tests:

Cambridge Secondary 1 conduct checkpoint tests which are standardized, set and marked by CIE. This provides an international benchmark of students’ achievement and thereby enabling teachers to advice both the parents as well as students about the suitable progression routes.

Assess Student Progress:

The progression tests powered by analysis software provide you with a detailed feedback about the strength and weaknesses in the core subjects of Science, Mathematics and English, especially at the end of every stage. The main intention of providing this feedback is to improve support learning, teaching and report progression of students.

The Cambridge Secondary 1 includes a high level of versatility and it incorporates a wide range of curricula and teaching methods. Our teachers are provided with the liberty of making adaptations whenever necessary.