International General Certificate for School Examination [IGCSE]

International General Certificate for School Examination [IGCSE]

Cambridge IGCSE is said to be the most popular international qualification in the world and it is confined for students who are between 14 and 16 years old. This qualification is highly recognized by leading employer and universities worldwide and it is considered to be an international passport to success and progression.


Cambridge IGCSE curriculum offers different varieties of routes, especially for learners with a wide array of abilities. We build curriculum that definitely take your child towards progression in their educational career. We also encourage learners to engage with different subjects and make connections with them. Cambridge IGCSE offers stimulating and flexible curriculum which is facilitated with exemplary training and resources. The students can improve their performance by developing their skills in creative thinking, problem solving and enquiry.

Cambridge IGCSE Assessment:

The evaluation of students takes place during the end of the course. It includes coursework, oral, written and practical assessment. We ensure you that this provides opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning, especially if English is not their first language. In several subjects, the students can choose between core and extended curricula and thereby making Cambridge IGCSE opt for a wide range of abilities.

Grades are benchmarked through eight internationally recognized grades from A* to G. It also includes clear guidelines that could explain the standard of achievement for every grade. The Cambridge IGCSE examination occurs twice a year, particularly in November and June and the results are announces in January and August.

Learning Materials:

Whether you are looking for training, teaching material or online support, Cambridge IGCSE provides you with everything. We issue students a wealth of learning and teaching materials that help you prepare well for the Cambridge IGCSE program. The learning materials are suitable for different teaching methods. At the end of the exam, we provide valuable feedback that reveals out the strength and weakness of every student.