School Co-ordination Committee

School Co-ordination Committee 

 Mr. Vikram Patel  


A visionary to the core, he believes and confirms through his actions that education assists an individual to evolve completely. He has a single minded dedication to providing schools that are progressive, sensitive and can be part of the change in the world. He believes that schools have a critical role in shaping society. Under his leadership, the school has been a trend setter in educational practices.


(Late ) Mr. Iqbal Khan  


A dynamic lawyer  who handled all legal and financial aspects of the school.  He had realised that the glory of any culture can only be enhanced if its interpretation can be made in the context of the present and thereby the future. He believed that technological expertise and learning must go hand in hand with the school curriculum to increase its qualitative efficiency. 



Ms. Savita Venkat

The school is being guided and nurtured under her expertise for the past 22 years. She strongly believes that education creates lifelong learners as it teaches the art of living. She affirms through her actions that human consciousness is ‘one’ and to tap the same, one needs to constantly learn and unlearn.

She expounds the 21st century skills and strives continuously to flagship the school in the world of education. Her dream is to transform the school as a ‘World School’. She believes that development of a school is through a combination of logical processes and systems as well as through caring and sensitive attitude. Education for her is not a profession, but a mission to touch a million lives.




The committee is responsible for the smooth functioning of the school processes. They execute the policies and directives of the Management. They guide the staff to bring about academic and behavioural excellence. They ensure the implementation of the mission and vision of the school, effectively and efficiently. They regularly interact with parents to build a lasting partnership between the school and parents.

The members of the School Co-ordination Committee are -

Principal Ms. Savita Venkat

Headmistress (Secondary)  Ms. Nalini Nair

Headmistress (Primary)  Ms. Sushma Sawant

Headmistress (Kindergarten)  Ms. Nisha George

School Manager  Mr. J.K.Mudaliar

Co-ordinator for CARE centre (Counselling And Remedial Education)  Ms. Avni Vasavada