Methods and Practices


* No competition in the Kindergarten and Primary sections

The school is a firm believer in the practice of, ‘No Competition’ in the Kindergarten and Primary stages of education. It believes that the child in these stages is in the process of exploring and learning skills. Competitions and comparison at this stage may create a sense of inadequacy and generate obstacles that may curb the child’s spontaneity and his free and natural will to express himself.

  * 100% participation in Annual Cultural Day and Sports Day

The school also believes that every student has a unique potential and can contribute his skill in his own individual way. Therefore the school encourages 100% participation in all events where each student gets an opportunity to explore, hone and showcase his talent contributing to the development of healthy sense of identity and self worth.


* Worksheet System

Worksheet system helps to reduce the burden of carrying heavy books into class. Worksheets also help to engage students in active learning and reinforcing concepts rather then passively listening to the concept being taught.

 * House System in the Secondary Section

Students of the secondary section are placed in one of the four houses of the school i.e. Jagruti (Red), Vibhuti (Green), Sanskriti (Blue) and Kshitij (Yellow) house. Each house represents one core value of the school.

The House system aims to tap the potential of the students who belong to that particular house, to develop oneness and team spirit within the house members, to use inter-house competitions to identify students to represent the school in external competitions, and to reach out to students in the secondary section.