Parent Programmes

bcg parent prog

Parents’ participation is very important in the education and development of their children. If parents and teachers take responsibility for the child then the child can grow to his/her maximum potential.


To establish a relationship between parents and school, the school offer a number of programmes for parents:

  • 1. Parent orientation to oreint the parents of new students to school system.
  • 2. Parent teacher association consisting of elected parent members and teachers of every class. They discuss the growth and development of the school in relation to student curricular activities and programmes.
  • 3. Parent teacher meetings to share overall growth and progress of students as well as address general queries.
  • 4. Access days and open house days to discuss issues of students, student progress report and how teacher and parent together can contribute to the welfare of the student.
  • 5. Annual events to enable parents to see the talent of children in action
  • 6. Parent workshops, and seminars to discuss and understand about parenting and managing children in different age groups.
  • 7.Career Guidance and Career Awareness Programme to help parents understand the aptitude of their child and help them make informed choice regarding their child’s future course of study and careers.





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