School Staff


The school is administered by capable Heads who are expert educationists in their own right.

They ensure that the curriculum and the activities are at par with global standards to cater to holistic education of children.


Our teaching faculty consists of teachers who are –

*    Qualified and experienced in educational theory and methods

*    Well trained to handle students and their learning

*    Hardworking and committed

*    Sensitive to student needs

*    Taking initiatives to make value-additions to student life at school

*    Upgrading continually to meet the challenges of a dynamic curriculum

*    Aligned to the school philosophy

*    Tapping potential and motivating students to express it

*    Mentors and coaches to students with special needs


Staff training

New staff members are formally inducted into the school systems through modules conducted by the Principal and Section Head. Mentors are assigned to help them navigate the year.

The staff goes through rigorous training in their subject. They participate in workshops, seminars, and forums to enhance their attitude, knowledge and skills.


The teachers teaching the Cambridge International Examination curriculum are members of online communities and access online resources to enhance their methodologies. They interact and share their ideas and views with the world teacher communities. They participate in online training programmes, ‘Face to Face’ training, subject cell meets and in-house training sessions.

 preprimary staff


The staff have undergone training in their curriculum subject matter, lesson planning and methodology, evaluations and assessments as well as in handling student behavior, identifying and supporting children with special needs, child rights and associated legalities, training to conduct the life skills and personal safety education programme to name a few .


The academic sections are well-supported by an efficient administrative and ancillary staff.