Student Council

The school has an established, democratic, 16 member  Student Council that represents the student body and initiates student welfare projects and a house system in the secondary section. It brings out collectively the student issues and solves them with the help of the school Principal and Teacher leader for the Council.

It is a three tier system duly elected by the students of the secondary section. The grade 8 students attain the post of Assistant Captains of the four Houses (2 students per house), the grade 9 students attain the post of House Captains (1 student per house) and 1 student is selected as Assistant Sports Captain and, the Captain, Vice Captain as well as the Sports Captain belong to grade 10 (1 student per post).



The Council also forms committees for various activities and seeks the help of class representatives to solve student issues.

The members of the student council for the year 2016-17 are


School CaptainRohit Nair
Vice CaptainAngelica Cardoza 
Sports CaptainZahra Ali 
Asst. Sports CaptainHrutika Tawde
House Captain SanskritiJaisal Shinde 
House Captain JagrutiJanhvi Chowdhary
House Captain KhsitijShubh Borade  
House Captain VibhutiRohini Shashidhara 
Sanskriti Asst House CaptainIshita Lonkar
Sanskriti Asst House CaptainShweta Singh
Jagruti Asst. House CaptainShreyansh Mishra
Jagruti Asst House CaptainFenil Ramavat   
Kshitij Asst. House CaptainVedank Gaikwad
Kshitij Asst House CaptainNaman Damani 
Vibhuti Asst House CaptainHrishikesh Agnihotri 
Vibhuti Asst House CaptainAashka Takatrao 



The Captain’s message, June, 2016

My dear friends,

Welcome to the new academic year 2016-17.


We belong to a school where a balanced academic programme along with a sound moral and ethical environment is provided, and every student gets a chance to put his or her potential to full use. As students of Bombay Cambridge School, let us make it our task, this year, to accomplish certain goals:


Excellence in Behaviour

Focus on Academics

Participation in activities other than academics


I put Behaviour as our first target, because once that is achieved, the latter two goals become easy.

Also, let us aspire to be citizens of the world rather than of just our individual country.

Here’s a brief report of the projects that the Council plans to undertake this year, in keeping with the above goals and in order to ensure maximum participation of students:

Community Projects:

Recycling of Biodegradable waste

Project on Women Empowerment

Project on saving water

Cleanliness drive


Projects for school:

Conducting surveys

Campaign against Bullying

Celebration of important International days

Inter-house Competitions


So with this, I welcome each of you to this academic year, with a wish that each one’s target in all-round performance is achieved. All the Best!


Your Captain

Rohit Nair