The Cambridge Primary

Cambridge Primary:

Bombay Cambridge School is a co-educational school and is affiliated to Cambridge International Examinations Board and Maharashtra Secondary State Board. Our first stage is Cambridge Primary, which is designed for students between the age group of 5 and 11 years. Through our innovative teaching methods, we provide solid foundation that facilitates in the progression of your child’s education. Cambridge Primary education is the combination of high quality support from teachers, integrated assessment and world class curriculum.

Versatile Curriculum:

We develop skills in mathematics, science and English. Marathi, Hindi and Social studies are also included in the curriculum. Our curriculum is extremely versatile with clear learning objective. We have designed the curriculum in such a way that it makes your child to learn and gain adequate knowledge in all subjects. This would be easier for the students while skipping to the secondary educational level.

Support To Teachers:

We admit that only trained teachers can take care of the students in the best possible manner. Having this in mind we provide full support to the primary teachers, along with teacher guides, resources, training and a secure, supportive website. This helps teachers to stay updated with all subjects and enrich their knowledge. With enriched knowledge, the teachers can make the students more efficient and educative.

Mandatory Evaluation:

We understand that there is no use in keeping on teaching different subjects to the students. So our Cambridge primary also offers integrated evaluation of students’ development and thereby giving feedback to the parents. Each and every student is subjected to this mandatory evaluation in order to determine their ability.

By enrolling your child with our Cambridge Primary School, we ensure you that your little one joins a global education community. While concluding primary stage, the students can take Primary Checkpoint exam in Math, science and English.